“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

                                                                       –  Steve Jobs

My Mission

On one hand, my vision is to help people understand the importance of healthy nutrition and physical activity in their lives and how these have a huge impact on their ability to stay healthy, active and happy throughout their lives.

On the other hand, I support professional athletes on their journey toward “the strongest version of themselves” because I truly believe that sport can change people’s lives.

With this vision in mind and with my acquired knowledge and 15 years long experience, I strive to change lives, one human at a time.

  • Licensed Fitness Trainer

  • Licensed Personal Trainer

  • Licensed Rehabilitation Trainer

  • Licensed Nutrition Coach

  • Biomechanics Specialist

  • Posture Specialist

  • Health Coach

  • Mental Coach

  • Pro Athlete


Physiology (Anatomie of the energy, breathing, immune, neurological, endocrine and cardiovascular system)

Sports diagnostics and test methods

  • Goals setting
  • Body analysis (measurements of body fat, muscle mass, BMI, posture, etc.)
  • Health check (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Cardio tests
  • Strength and mobility tests
  • coordination tests
  • explosiveness tests

Scientific methods in training

  • Foundation of Biomechanics
  • Motor skills in humans (cardio, strength, mobility, explosiveness, coordination)
  • Training methods


  • communication skills
  • motivation skills
  • sports education
  • responsibility
  • professionalism
  • methods competency
  • flexibility and creativity
  • social competency
  • special techniques in PT


  • Fundamentals of sports therapy
  • Prevention, rehabilitation training and disability sport
  • Training after long periods of physical inactivity like surgeries, after pregnancy or after long term illnesses
  • Training with people with traumatic injuries (bone fractures, ligaments, tendons, muscles and other soft tissue injuries)
  • Training with chronic orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and other degenerative conditions and after joint replacement surgeries
  • Training with people with chronic pain (spine, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, elbows, etc.)
  • The basics of joint stabilization, coordination, proprioception and mobility training
  • Correction of postural problems like forward neck and head, rounded back and shoulders, arched lower back, scoliosis and many others
  • Facets injuries and disc degenerative conditions of the spine and training after surgeries
  • Training for people with chronic neurologic conditions like Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, brain stroke and epilepsy
  • Training and diet guidelines with people with cancer
  • Training with people with respiratory conditions like asthma, acute bronchitis and COPD
  • Training and nutrition therapy for metabolic conditions like overweight, Diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Training with people with cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure and other heart conditions


Fundamentals of a healthy nutrition

  • Macro & Micronutrients
  • Determining the energy need
  • Determining calorie consumption
  • The digestion system
  • Nutrition methods and trends
  • Illnesses caused by unhealthy nutrition
  •  Food allergies and intolerances
  • Scientific facts and statistics
  • Creating an individualized nutrition plan

Nutrition for sports performance

  • Macro & micronutrients in sports
  • Nutrition in different sports disciplines (runners, fighters, team sports, strength sports, etc.)
  • Food supplements
  • Special nutrition methods in sports
  • Creating a nutrition plan for an athlete

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