• 5 months/Twice per week 1 hour/40 sessions in total
  • Only 2-3 kg weight loss but visibly more toned body
  • Fixed posture, abdominal, knee and back pain
  • Recti diastasis postpartum much improved

Please meet Alis. She came to me last year in November. She wanted to fix her abs separation (recti diastasis) which occurred after giving birth to her beautiful son. Other goals were fixing her posture, fixing her knee pain and also her sporadic lower back pain. On top of these things, Alis wanted to embrace a healthier lifestyle but also get a more toned body after her pregnancy and start to feel better in her own body again. It’s important to mention that the focus for her was improving her health and getting fit.

I could tell you so many amazing things that happened since Alis joined my team but I will sum it up to one thing that happened during our last training session. Alis looked me in the eyes and said: „I don’t say this easily but you really changed my life in so many ways!“ She goes on and says „It’s not only the transformation of my body but everything else. The words you told me, the things you thought me… I will miss you when all this ends!“
Many of my clients become my friends because they feel that they are much more than clients to me. They feel that I truly care about them.

There is no better reward for me as a Coach. Everything I do, it’s to hear those words at the end and see people’s smile! And that gave me so much power and courage to keep on doing what I’m doing and to keep on prioritizing health for my clients.

When I decided to become a Coach, I only wanted one thing. To get the world moving and to make a difference in people’s lives. Such people are my biggest inspiration and my biggest success as a Coach.

I told Alis that day: „I hope that you remember forever what you did in these months as all the discipline and strength that you developed during this process as they are going to be cornerstones to everything you will ever do in your life. You can achieve ANYTHING in your life as long as you want it badly enough and you’re ready to work your butt off to achieve it!“

As you can see, after 40 sessions of training her posture is noticeably corrected, her abdominal protrusion is almost entirely fixed, her knee and lower back pain are both gone and she also got a toned body by building some extra muscle mass. It’s important to notice that the weight difference between these 2 pictures is only of 2-3 kg but her entire body looks more toned despite that.

This result was achieved through sleepless nights and along with all the challenges and the chaotic life that a mom knows very well. For this reason, I am very proud and happy and I think this awesome lady deserves a big thumbs up.
The thing that I personally love the most about her story is that Alis has fallen in love with fitness and she can’t even imagine her life anymore without it! And that is my biggest satisfaction of all.

I don’t just strive to change bodies! I strive to change lives.

Well done PowerGirl!