In a world of likes and selfies the health and fitness industry has become an image

Everywhere we look we see suntanned bodies, sexy abs and beach bodies but we think fitness and especially health can’t be seen in the mirror. While this approach to fitness might be enough to give healthy people a beach body for their next vacation, it is certanly not enough when the clients are regular people in their 40’s who have 3 kids, 2 diagnosed chronic illnesses and sit 12 hours per day. The reality is that most people who need to get healthy and fit are people who are not healthy and fit and most fitness programs don’t take that into account. Many start this journey feeling excited and motivated, yet 90% of them give up on their fitness journey within the first 3 months. Many of these workouts don’t match the person’s physical abilities and fitness level, lots of people end up developing even more pain and inflammation from the workouts and most of them can’t follow the restrictive diets for longer than 3 months, so they think that fitness is not for them, not knowing that they are being presented with a fake definition of what fitness is and should feel like. Sadly enough, they are the people who need it the most.


Fitness is measured by what you can do with your body and health is measured by how you feel every day

We spent over 10 years researching why so many people develop pain and chronic illnesses and most importantly, what can be done to prevent them. Our training will make you love fitness because it combines some of the most functional and natural movements that human beings were created to do. It puts focus on developing your athletic abilities while fixing your dysfunctions at the same time. The reason so many people are failing at fitness every day is because they can’t stay consistent long-term and according to all our clients, our fitness programs are built in such a way that motivation becomes almost automatic. Fitness is meant to make you feel good and if you do it properly your body looks forward to doing it. A fit and healthy body is a body that can move well and one that feels amazing to live in and the way we define fitness is by what you can do with your body and how you feel in it every day. We’ve taken the challenge to educate our communities on how to take proper care of their bodies in a way that is realistic and sustainable.


The difference between muscle soreness and joint inflammation

The entire fitness industry is built on this idea, “no pain, no gain”. In a world where 60% of the globe’s population is dealing with some form of chronic pain and orthopedic surgeries are performed by thousands each day we think that this is not the right mindset that should be at the base of the health and prevention industry. We truly believe that the main reason why fitness is so hard for so many people is because the training programs are not adapted to their physical needs and they often end up adding to people’s problems. Progress doesn’t come without a certain level of discomfort but very few people know the difference between muscle soreness and joint inflammation, sadly enough, many times not even professionals. Pain can’t be a marker of measuring good health and high level performance since it is often the reason why people seek prevention services in the first place. Therefore, our new credo is “train hard and smart”.


Health is achieved through balance and it comes from training in a way that respects your body

Professional sports is about pushing your body beyond it’s limits but health is about balance. Our approach combines those two ideas in a unified manner and it anticipates all the problems that you might encounter along the way. Our methodology has built-in solutions for problems that you don’t even know you have. We’ve implemented lifestyle recommendations on ergonomics, posture, sleep and nutrition to ensure that you maintain the results for life. We even built psychological principles into our coaching programs to help you stay on track. We don’t overlook anything. We fix your muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions while building your athletic abilities. We ensure that you train hard and smart at the same time since health might not be everything in life but without it everything else becomes meaningless. The physical aspect always comes as a side-effect when you can stay consistent with your workouts. The challenge is to make people stay consistent and that is our main focus. We want to give everybody the opportunity to succeed at fitness.

Life coaching


Other fitness methodologies:

– does not include your posture at all

– is based on the “no pain, no gain” mentality and promotes injuries

– contains a list of randomly selected exercises based on muscle isolation that can lead to mobility restrictions and muscle dysfunctions over time

– trains every aspect of your fitness like strength, mobility and endurance separately, therefore it requires a higher time investment on your part

– does not take into account at your individual needs, muscle imbalances and body dysfunctions created by your lifestyle

– promote restrictive diets that are not sustainable on the long-term and encourage eating disorders and body image issues

– trains your body to look good at the beach for the summer.

Our fitness methodology:

– is centered entirely around your posture

– is based on the “train hard and smart” mentality and prevents injuries

– contains a list of carefully selected functional movements that improve your mobility and fix your muscle dysfunctions at the same time

– trains all fitness elements like strength, mobility and endurance at once, therefore it only requires a minimum time investment on your part

– is built entirely around your personal needs, muscle imbalances and body dysfunctions created by your lifestyle

– promotes healthy nutrition as a lifestyle that is sustainable and actively discourages eating disorders and prevents body image issues

– trains your body to look, move and feel like an athlete for life.








We help you optimize your health and prevent problems in the future

– Lifestyle coaching (sleep, sunlight, sitting positions, stress and time management)

– Functional training (basic strength, endurance, coordination, agility and speed)

– Posture training (fascial training, stability training, balance training, molity training, health prevention)

– Nutrition coaching (biochemical regulation based on family history, nutrition changes, change in habits)

– Mind coaching (mindset, motivation, discipline, resilience, vision board)


We make advanced athletic skills available to everyone

Move well, eat better and smile more. That is the only secret to health and longevity.


– Scanning body fat levels (taking measurements, calipometer measurements and weight assessment to determine your BMI)

– Gate analysis and running analysis to determine your movement imbalances, your body’s functionality and individual training needs

– Basic health analysis (assessment of blood test results, current health state, blood pressure and breathing process to determine your current health levels)

– Lifestyle assessments (assessing your sleep habits, nutrition habits and your sitting habits in order to help you prevent health problems in the future)

– Posture analysis (a 3D analysis of your body by assessing muscle imbalances, fascia dysfunctions and overall spine and joint functionality)

– Basic fitness tests (performing strength, mobility and endurance tests to determine what are the fitness areas that you could improve)


– Weight management and body composition optimization (list all the illnesses that are associated with that)

– Chronic inflammation management, prevention and health optimization (list all the illnesses that are associated with that)

– Postural dysfunctions and chronic pain management (list all the illnesses that are associated with that)

– Pregnancy preparation and birth complications prevention (list all the illnesses that are associated with that)

– Nutrition optimization and eating disorder prevention (list all the illnesses that are associated with that)

Don’t move more, more well. Don’t eat less, eat better. Don’t stress less, find the things worth stressing for.

We sit longer than any other generation in our history. The lack of time and resources places a lot of pressure on working families that are struggling to find a good work-life balance in their life. Oftentimes, life gets in the way of finding the necessary time to cook and eat healthy. On top of that, movement is absent from every adult’s life and many people live under a constant state of anxiety and depression thanks to the unrealistic expectations that are being placed on them at work.

Even though doctors have been prescribing surgeries and medicine for such conditions for a long time, they are now beginning to understand that more is needed. Many doctors advice now their patients to reduce their stress levels, to try to move more and to eat healthier. Yet, the reality is that the majority of them still find it extremely hard to develop the necessary discipline to achieve a lifestyle change, and the few that do find the courage to ask for help end up receiving incorrect health advice from so-called “fitness gurus” who live for fitness and earn from that, who don’t know how to deal with people who are suffering from chronic pain and disease.

90% of them end up giving up on their fitness journey within the first 3 months thinking that fitness is simply not for them.

Sadly enough, these are often the people who need it the most.