The difference between

rehabilitation therapy and rehabilitation coaching

The role of rehabilitation therapy is to provide initial care for people after accidents, surgeries or any type of event that interferes with a person’s health and threatens to produce long-term or permanent damage to it. This is usually designed to restore basic functionality in life-threatening situations and save the person’s life. Rehabilitation coaching, on the other hand, is what follows after the doctors and therapists have declared you “healthy.”


There are moments in life when surgeries, injections, and medication can potentially save your life. For this reason, we work together with doctors, rather than against them. However, when it comes to chronic pain and illness, we think a different approach is needed. The world is growing technologically at rates never seen in human history and so is the number of chronically ill patients. Studies are showing that in 70-80% of cases the pain relief provided by pills and surgeries is short-lived and in some cases, people even develop additional health problems as a side effect. We think this is a problem worth solving.

Chronic illness poses a big problem in our world, not just for our national healthcare system, but also for all the people who are suffering every day. The most frequent chronic illnesses that people seek medical help for include chronic joint pain, degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure, chronic respiratory conditions, neurological conditions, diabetes, and mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. In most cases, the treatment involves medication and pills which is not designed to solve the problem but to actually hide the symptoms. Furthermore, studies are showing clearly that a lifestyle change can help chronic patients manage and even eliminate their symptoms and many doctors are starting to realize that giving people a magic pill isn’t enough.

We sit longer than any other generation in human history and our lifestyle involves very little to no movement. On top of that, many families find it hard to find the necesssary time to cook. On top of that, most people are dealing with chronic stress every day and have a hard time relaxing. Our bodies were not made for this and it is our goal to help you manage your chronic conditions naturally, so you can start feeling better each day.

“Health is not a given right, but a gift. If you don’t make time for it, your body will force you one day to make time for your illness.”

Learn to manage your chronic

conditions naturally and without side-effects

Medicine has advanced so much that you can barely see a healthy human anymore. Despite having access to more technology and medication than ever, the number of chronic patients continues to grow, and chronic illness has become the number one death cause in humans. Treating a symptom is not the same as getting someone to be healthy, and our goal is to help you understand the power of lifestyle in the levels of health you are experiencing every day.


The grey area between rehabilitation and sport

Just because doctors have declared you “healthy” after a surgery that doesn’t mean you are completely recovered. That just means that your are “out of danger” but if you want to become fully functional and active again you need to do more than just wait around and hope. Oftentimes, patients are advised to stop moving after surgeries and injuries, so many are left with residual tension, postural dysfunctions and mobility restrictions that sometimes not even physiotherapy can help them with.

Medical fitness is part of the sport rehabilitation field and it is the grey area between rehabilitation and fitness which combines principles from both areas to help you become fully functional again. Medical fitness bridges the gap between disability and functionality, and it doesn’t just help you restore functionality after surgeries, accidents or pregnancy, but it is also one of the best things you can do to manage chronic pain and chronic diseases naturally and without any side-effects.

Even though doctors have been prescribing surgeries and medication for chronic illnesses for a long time, they are now beginning to understand that more is needed to help such people. They now advice their patients to reduce their stress levels, to move more and to eat healthier. For this reason, we’ve created a unique medical fitness approach based on the latest research in health rehabilitation and prevention to help you live a quality life once again.

“The quality of your life depends on your daily habits and how you treat your body every day.”

Medical fitness is the service you

didn’t know you needed but can’t live without

Medical fitness is the grey area that combines rehabilitation and fitness principles to help people become fully functional again. The purpose of it is to help people get to a fully healthy and active life after inactive periods caused by accidents, surgeries, or pregnancy. Medical fitness can also be highly effective in managing chronic pain and other inflammatory diseases naturally and without any side effects.


To be able to provide optimal solutions for your health problems we first have to identify your needs

1. Health check-up

We will start by discussing your problems and looking into your family history to determine your needs. Then we will measure your bood pressure, lung capacity, and we will assess your blood test results, so that we can determine where we start our journey together.

2. Body assessment

Then, we asses your body for muscle imbalances, trigger points and any deviations in terms of structural integrity. We check your joint mobility and identify restrictions in your range of motion that might contribute to restrictions and movement dysfunctions over time.

3. Gait analysis

After that, we start assessing your gait cycle. This will give us an idea on how your body moves in space and it will help us identify your movement patterns. The way you move reveals stability, balance and coordination problems which shows how functional your body is.

4. Posture analysis

Posture analysis is done together with a lifestyle assessment where we discuss your daily habits and try to identify what are the main activities driving your dysfunctions. Posture misalignments can often be the reason for many symptoms that doctors dismiss as psychosomatic.

5. Fitness tests

In the end, we will test your body for things like basic levels of strength, mobility, endurance, stability, balance and coordination. All these things can give us important information about your health state and it will be used to create a training program tailored for your needs.

Medical fitness is a holistic

approach to health and rehabilitation

The world is full of health experts who understand only one part of the body but none of them can see the whole picture. We believe that the body can’t be split into different parts because the body is one unit. Every system relies upon other systems that are interconnected with each other and constantly influence each other every day. Therefore, complex health problems can only be solved by looking at the human body holistically.



Learn how to heal your body from the inside out and manage your chronic conditions naturally

Myofascial release

For people with chronic pain and inflammation

Myofascial release is one of the most efficient techniques for chronic pain management and it is highly effective in the management of symptoms related to degenerative and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. We use a wide range of myofascial techniques like osteopressure, fascial stretching and decompression exercises to help you restore mobility, lower chronic inflammation and enable you to live a pain-free life once again.

“Chronic pain isn’t hard to fix when you are looking at the body with the right lenses.”

Stability training

For people with physical disabilities caused by joint instability

We believe joint instability is the starting point of all kinds of chronic pain syndromes and injuries. Therefore, stabilization training is an important element of our rehabilitation training methodology. Rehabilitation training helps you stabilize your joints and correct movement dysfunctions through a combination of myofascial, balance and stability exercises that help you reestablish a good neuromuscular connection and become functional once again.

“The secret to healthy joints is not moving more, but moving better.”


For chronic patients who want to manage their conditions naturally

For years, trainers and therapists have been using biohacking to achieve great changes in their physiology and change the genetic expression of their genes (also called epigenetics). It involves various methods designed to lower inflammation and improve the function of certain systems in the body, including the brain. Biohacking is an individual process that takes place after a close analysis of a person's biology, deficiencies and lifestyle.

"Your recovery journey doesn't end with your genes, that is where it begins."


Children who were born with chronic conditions

Mothers who want to make a full recovery after birth

Chronic pain and other chronic disease patients

Patients after accidents, injuries and surgeries

Seniors and people with physical disabilities








After we've identified your needs we offer personalized solutions to your problems

1. Health coaching

We start off by looking at your lifestyle, identifying your needs and finding solutions to address your health problems one-by-one. This involves addressing your nutrient deficiencies, implementing lifestyle changes like optimizing your hormones, improving your sleep and lowering your stress levels in order to lower inflammation and return to your natural recovery state.

2. Lifestyle coaching

Oftentimes, things like sleeping position, the mattress we sleep on, and our daily sitting habits can impact our condition in a negative way. The intensity of our symptoms is highly correlated with our habits and how we treat our bodies every day. So, if you can identify what are the things that make your symptoms worse, and change them, they often reduce in intensity and even dissapear.

Medical fitness

3. Pain management

Chronic pain is one of the most misunderstood things in the rehabilitation world since most specialists are looking at the body in the wrong way. Our goal is to teach you quick techniques on how to treat your fascia adhesions at home and manage your chronic pain on your own. Once you understand how it works you discover that chronic pain isn't hard to fix. In fact, it's quite easy if you know what to do.

4. Stability training

Once your mobility is restored, we can focus on strengthening exercises in order to fully stabilize your joints and correct your dysfunctions. Every person has different postural misalignments and muscle imbalances that negatively impact their life on a daily base. Once you introduce the right exercises designed to correct those imbalances, usually the biomechanics change and the symptoms dissapear.

Medical fitness

5. ANS regulation

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a component of the peripheral nervous system that regulates involuntary physiologic processes including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and digestion. With the help of various biohacking techniques it is possible to regulate the nervous system and reeducate your body to enter "the relaxation state" where healing can begin.

The future of healthcare is self-care

and everything starts with embracing discipline

There is an easy way and a hard way to doing everything in life, except to our health. Health is the only thing we can't get by cheating. The change must start, therefore, with a change in our mindset. We, the people, have the power to decide over our health through our daily habits and choices way more than any doctor can. Therefore, it's time to claim that power back and embrace the power of discipline in order to enjoy a better life.


Medical fitness

Orthopedic and traumatological conditions

Orthopedic pain and movement restrictions can start from unexpected events such as injuries or accidents or overuse injuries that become chronic in time. Left unchecked, they can cause microtears inside the soft tissues which may result in joint dysfunctions, chronic inflammation and degenerative disease. We can help you manage the following conditions:

  • Chronic pain - for every joint in the body, including complex chronic syndromes
  • Inflammatory and degenerative diseases - such as arthritis and osteoporosis

  • Traumatological and overuse injuries – Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries

  • Postural misalignments - caused by poor lifestyle and muscle imbalances

  • Movement dysfunctions - caused by mobility restrictions and fascia dysfunctions

  • Chronic instability - caused by joint hypermobility and connective tissue disorders

  • Idiopatic conditions - such as scoliosis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

No matter your health levels or age, we become part of your medical team and work together with your doctors and therapists to help you manage your condition better. Get to the root cause of your pain and disability by embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Internal and neurological conditions

Specialists believe that internal and neurological illnesses are a combination of genes and lifestyle. They can be triggered by certain unexpected life events or they may also start slowly and progress overtime until they become chronic. Whatever the case, you can learn to manage them better and live a high-quality life despite them. We can help you manage the following conditions:

  • Internal conditions - such as cancer, autoimmune and allergic conditions
  • Cardiovascular diseases - such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis

  • Gastrointestinal conditions – such as IBS, GERD and celiac disease

  • Mental conditions - such as eating disorders, chronic anxiety and depression

  • Metabolic conditions - like diabetes, chronic metabolic syndrome and obesity

  • Neurological diseases - as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and parkinson's disease

  • Respiratory diseases - such as asthma, bronchitis and chronic COPD.

Genes are important but they are not everything. We can work together with your doctors to help you change your lifestyle and provide additional support to the already existing therapies in order to show you how to manage your condition better.

Medical fitness

Fix your imbalances

and come back even stronger

We see medical fitness and postural training just like brushing your teeth. Unless you do it regularly your teeth start to degrade. Before you got chronic pain and inflammation there was mild discomfort, muscle tension and postural issues that went unnoticed for a long time. Our medical fitness teaches you how to take care of your health in a holistic way and come back even stronger after long periods of inactivity.


Find out why we have

a client recommendation rate of 99%

Health can't be seen in the mirror and it can't be measured with any medical tool either because health is not defined by the existance of something, but rather by the absence of it. If you are often sick and are dealing with chronic pain and discomfort in your body chances are that you are not a very healthy individual. True health consists of absence of pain and disease and can only be measured by how you feel in your body every day.


"I am a very active person. I eat healthy and work out about 6-7 times a week for one hour. Yet despite the fact that my body looked "fit and healthy" on the outside, I was experiencing chronic pain in my hips, my back, and my jaw for years and no doctor or therapist was ever able to help me. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor recommended medication. After only 2 months, I can honestly say that my hip, back, and jaw pain is gone. I feel that my posture is better and my blood pressure is finally normal. I can't recommend Miha enough. I honestly believe her new approach to health and fitness has the power to change the world."

Nathalia Cibirka de Oliveira, Data scientist at Zeiss Group

"I started the collaboration with Miha after a friend of mine recommended her. When I started, my body was in very bad shape. I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease which came together with chronic fatigue syndrome and stopped me from doing my work and taking care of my child. The start was rough but after about 6 months my body started to respond to the fascia training and in about 1 year I was a different person. My immunologist, which is one of the best ones in Munich, couldn't believe the change I was able to achieve. I succeeded to manage my chronic autoimmune disease thanks to Miha's fascia training and I will probably continue the collaboration with her for the rest of my life."

Veronica B., Famous German Fashion Designer

I injured my left knee in a sports competition and because no doctor was able to help with it, it became chronic after a few months. I was left in chronic pain that resulted in weird sounds coming from my knees and I developed knee arthritis eventually. I met Miha after about 3 years of suffering and with her help, I was able to avoid knee replacement surgery and get my life back. After 8 months of working with her, I got back to heavy training again and today I can train again even though many doctors told me that was impossible. Without her personal training sessions, this would have not been possible. Thank you, Miha for your rehabilitation expertise. It has truly changed my life.”

Catalin Udrea, Software Engineer & Professional Athlete

“I met Miha back in 2015 when a friend recommended me her services. After 2 babies and 2 C-sections, my body was left pretty weak and I was suffering from back and shoulder pain and chronic asthma. After only a few weeks, I noticed a huge improvement in my posture, my back and shoulder pain was gone and my breathing improved tremendously. I can't recommend Miha enough. She is so much more than a personal trainer! Miha is an undercover physiotherapist, she is also doing life coaching and I think her personal training service is one of the best in Munich. Her fitness concept is unique on the market at the moment.”

Claudia Olariu, Mother of 2 & housewife

"When I started I was dealing with bad posture, chronic back pain, and a diagnosed iron deficiency for years. Everything I tried in the past only provided temporary relief, so when I saw Miha's results I decided to give it a try. Within 2-3 months my back pain was completely gone, my posture was way better and my iron deficiency also got resolved. My energy levels improved, I could feel that I can tolerate stress much better, as a result, and I eventually brought in my husband, my daughter, and another friend as well. I can't recommend Miha's services enough. Her workouts are special and her knowledge of the fascia system is fascinating."

Elena Mihaila, Software Engineer at Wind River
"My collaboration started during the pandemic. I was dealing for months with nasal congestion and I was relying on a nasal spray to be able to sleep through the night. I was also suffering from food allergies, bad posture and low back pain. I also had a sharp pain in my arm because of the computer mouse. After only a few sessions of medical fitness, all my symptoms were gone and I was able to breathe freely. I felt like a human again. I can't stress enough how important Miha's training is for anyone who is looking for more quality of life. I was so happy with the results that I brought my husband as well and we are now both doing training and coaching. What can I say? She is really worth the money!"
Madalina Dragalina, CEO and Co-founder at Relosophy GmbH

"Miha was recommended to me by a friend of mine who was already working with her. I already had another personal trainer for 10 years at that time but my friend spoke so highly of her that I had to give it a try. Indeed, after only a couple of months, I could see why so many of my friends were so fascinated. She is truly doing something different. Her injury recovery story is fascinating and she has helped my entire family manage their chronic conditions better and become healthy again. I highly recommend her service. As a business person myself, I value excellence a lot and I can honestly say that Miha is the definition of excellence in the health and fitness industry."

Werner H., Famous German actor

"I found Miha's recovery story online and since I was suffering from a similar problem I decided to start an online collaboration with her. I had suffered from chronic back pain and lumbar instability for 3 years at that point and even though I tried lots of doctors and therapies nothing really helped. After only 16 sessions of fascia training and biohacking with Miha I feel like a new person. I regained my life back thanks to Miha and I will tell this story to everyone I know from now on. I live in France and I was very skeptical at first but the online sessions turned out to be a total success. The world has to know about Miha's training since it is doing miracles."

Eva Braun, Business Owner and mother of 2

"I came to Miha thanks to my wife who was already a client. When I started, I was suffering from extreme tension and varicose veins in my calves together with mild lower back pain and a generally bad posture. I was immediately amazed by the results we were able to achieve in just a few sessions. For the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to doing my exercises since I can feel the benefits. The tension in my calves is gone, my posture has improved tremendously and I simply feel more healthy and full of energy every day, ready to tackle the challenges of life. Miha is an amazing trainer, a rehabilitation phenomenon, and a very skilled life coach. I highly recommend her."

Raul Dragalina, Business Owner and Co-founder at Relosophy GmbH

"A friend of mine recommended to me to try Miha's personal training and I decided to give it a try. I was suffering from neck pain and mid back pain for months and since I already went through a spinal surgery before and I definitely didn't want another one, so I decided to invest in my prevention this time. The collaboration was a big success and my body has never felt better. Her fascia knowledge really changed my life and my health has improved tremendously. My body feels stronger and my neck and back pain is gone. I would highly recommend Miha's services to anyone who is looking to prevent health problems. It takes work and discipline but the results are well worth it."

Shubangi Bhadauria, Research Scientist at Siemens

"I started the collaboration with Miha thanks to my girlfriend who was already a client. When I started I was suffering for 17 years from chronic foot, knee, hip, back, and neck problems that no doctor could fix. Despite the fact that I was very active and went to the gym almost daily I was in a lot of pain every day. Within 20 sessions of my collaboration with Miha I could see a huge improvement in the levels of pain I was experiencing and I even told her that after each session I felt 10 years younger. The learnings that I got from this process have been so powerful that I am sure they will guide me on a good path for the rest of my life. Thank you MihaPower Training Systems!"

Antonios Karampourniotis, Project Leader at HARMAN International

"I came with severe scoliosis and chronic craniocervical instability that no doctor was able to fix. I had neurological symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, chronic fatigue, pain caused by nerve compression in the spine, shallow breathing, a general bad posture, and loss of balance that made me unable to walk. Within a few months of our collaboration, I already noticed a huge improvement in the way I was feeling and now, my instability is gone, I can walk again, my scoliosis improved, and I can honestly say that I no longer have any neurological symptoms. This experience has been life-changing, I got my life back thanks to this approach and I will be grateful for the rest of my life."

Elena Boshkovska, Data Management Specialist at Carl Zeiss

"When I started I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain thanks to the nature of my job which involves a lot of sitting every day. My neck felt stiff while driving and I could feel that my head was shifted forward because of the way I use the computer every day. Within 10 sessions, I could feel a major improvement in my posture, my neck and head felt more balanced, I no longer had stiffness and pain and my entire life has significantly improved thanks to Miha's methods. I would recommend Miha's services from all my heart. Her knowledge about the human body can help a lot of people have a better life. Thank you MihaPower Training Systems for your dedication to excellence."

Laurentiu Mihaila, Service Engineer at Varonis
Fitness for everyone

"Despite doing crossfit, I was suffering from chronic low back pain for 3 years before I met Miha. My girlfriend told me about her injury recovery story and she recommended I try working with her online. I decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first since I had such a long history of unsuccessful therapies behind me. We started doing our sessions online and we also implemented some lifestyle changes like a sitting desk and a new mattress. In a very short time, I could notice a big change. My pain levels decreased from 10 to 2 in about 20 sessions and now I can live a normal life again. I highly recommend her rehabilitation services. It is something special indeed." 

Francois Thevenot, Sales Manager France at Foxit & Crossfit athlete

True healing begings

with balancing the mind and the body

We believe that every type of chronic illness is a sign of imbalance in the body. The mind and the body are connected and imbalance in the mind can easily translate into imbalance of the body and the other way around. Therefore, treating complex health problems involves a holistic approach to health. True health rehabilitation starts, therefore, with balancing the mind, the body and the relationship between the two.


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Take care of your health,

so that you can take care of matters

Many people have already improved their life thanks to this innovative medical fitness concept and you can do it too. We help you fix your imbalaces, correct your posture, optimize your health, and and help your body function better. Reach out today and learn how you can take charge of your chronic conditions and manage them better. Are you ready to become healthy and active again?