Why Personal Training?

Because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

What is Personal Training?

Let me guess, you have a fitness goal but you don’t know where to start or you have already tried multiple times to take control of your health with no results. Then, personal training is for you!

Regardless, whether you want to achieve the body of your dreams or finally get healthy and feel awesome in your body again, this place is for you.

My specialities are weight loss, building muscle, health coaching, nutrition coaching, rehabilitation training, posture training and mental coaching.

As a personal trainer, I am part-coach, part-mentor and sometimes even part-friend and the goal of personal training is to bring YOU to your goal in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Personal training is highly individualized on YOUR body’s needs and personality.

Personal training is the highest expression of personal health care that there is because the word “personal” is more important than the word “training” and YOU and your needs are my focus at any given moment of the process.

During all the years that I was a professional athlete, competition developed in me the mindset of a winner which means that I have very high standards when it comes to the quality of my work, not just in the sports field. Especially when it comes to the goals of my clients, I see their goal as my own, I fight all the fights together with them, I feel all the bumps too because I truly care about them and their smile and satisfaction are my greatest satisfaction of all.

For this reason,  I recently became a member of the German Association For Personal Trainers which stands for the highest quality standard in personal training.

In order to get what you want, you first need to accurately define what is it that you want to achieve.

The first step is to schedule a free initial consultation in order to get to know us and to discuss your goals in detail.

In order to be able to achieve the best possible results, the trainer and the client need to match on different levels. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important elements when it comes to successful personal training.

Once we know where you want to go, we need to find out where you’re standing right now.

The second step is to schedule the next session which includes the body check-up and initial diagnosis. During this session, I will be analyzing your body, your posture, I will measure your body fat percentage and the percentage of your muscle mass and create a complete diagnosis of the current state of your body by performing various mobility, strength and endurance tests. Various other health tests will be made so that I can get a very accurate picture of your current level of health and general fitness.

Once you know where you are standing right now, we can start creating a plan which will get you where you want to go.

In the next phase, I will create an individualized training and nutrition plan and also a mental coaching plan based on your own body’s needs, on your personality and on your current levels of strength, health and fitness and then guide you one-on-one through every step of the process.

With me as your Premium Personal Trainer in Munich motivation is at it’s highest and your success is 100% guaranteed.



– Initial diagnosis, body analysis & health check up

– mind training for increased motivation

– a personalized holistic training program

– individualized nutrition program based on individual needs

– constant contact per e-mail or phone

– posture and spine stabilization training

– stress reduction and relaxation techniques

– proprioception, coordination & balance training

– healthy lifestyle coaching

– recipes book included


  • Individual attention

  • Finally healthy and pain free

  • Increased motivation

  • Time flexibility

  • Location flexibility

  • Injury prevention

  • Holistic approach

  • Keeping results long term

  • Training with medical conditions

  • Success 100% guaranteed


MihaPower personal trainer münchen, MihaPower personal trainer munich
  • Licensed Fitness Trainer

  • Licensed Personal Trainer

  • Licensed Rehabilitation Trainer

  • Licensed Nutrition Coach

  • Biomechanics Specialist

  • Posture Specialist

  • Health Coach

  • Mental Coach

  • Pro Athlete


For women and men of any age

For beginners, intermediary and advanced people

For those who want to improve their health

For athletes who would like to improve their sports performance

For those who want to achieve the body of their dreams

For people with medical problems who want to come back to a healthy lifestyle

For those who want to enjoy life to the fullest with no limitations


utdoor Personal Training München MihaPower

You love nature and you’d rather train outdoor? No problem, we can train in the park, outside your office, near your home and literally at any outdoor location of your choice in Munich. I bring all the necessary training equipment so that you can train effectively, you bring your good mood and we are ready to go!

Home Workout Personal Training München MihaPower

You are short on time and you’d rather train in the comfort of your own home? No problem, my knowledge allows me to create a variety of different effective workouts for which you do not need a lot of space. I bring the equipment, you bring the commitment and together, we make your dream come true!

Premium Personal Training Munich MihaPower

Do you love the training variety of a gym? No problem, my cooperation with one of the best premium fitness centres in Germany allows me to train my clients under premium conditions at 4 different locations throughout Munich. It includes premium services like a swimming pool, sauna and child care. Are you ready?

Do you want to be my next challenge?

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