Fix your muscle imbalances, change your movement, improve your posture and eliminate pain. Get a healthy body, sharpen your mind and change your life for the better.







It takes tremendous courage to change your life. That is why, our clients are our greatest heroes.

We are a team of highly motivated

people looking to change the fitness industry

The world has changed a lot in the past years but the human body has not. Our bodies, just like our cars, have certain needs that have to be covered in order to live healthy and pain-free. We cracked the code of human health and brought together mind, body and soul into a unique self-care concept. Our aim is to enable every human on the planet to take care of their body and live a healthier and happier life.


The fitness industry is booming. More people than ever have become aware of the fact that their lifestyle plays a major role in the levels of health and well-being they are experiencing on a daily base. We think that is terrific. However, we also believe that the current definition of health and fitness is incomplete and even dangerous in many ways, since it fails to help the people who need it the most – those who aren’t fit nor healthy.

We believe many people are struggling to stay consistent with their workouts and diets because the current definition of fitness is much more an image than actual health. You see, most people in our world are busy professionals and stressed parents who sit about 12 hours a day. About 60% of them are suffering from some kind of chronic illness and we believe your fitness and nutrition program should account for that.

“You can’t see health and fitness in the mirror. Fitness is measured by what you can do and health is measured by how you feel every day.”

An innovative fitness concept

designed for those who need it the most

The people who need to get healthy and fit are people who are not healthy and fit and that changes everything. Most people who access health and fitness services are people with back pain, bad posture, knee arthritis and other chronic illnesses that are impacting their life in a negative way every day. We think that should be reflected in the way we see health and fitness and most importantly, in the way we practice prevention.


There is this belief that the sixpack is the ultimate definition of health. However, it turns out disease doesn’t discriminate. Millions of people of all ages, sizes and shapes, including performance athletes, are diagnosed and treated for chronic diseases, injuries and other similar conditions every year. We know this because many of these people are our clients.

The number of orthopedic surgeries performed each year and the number of cronically ill people are on the rise, despite the fact that the industry is booming. Therefore, we think just movement isn’t enough anymore. In a world where people spend so much time sitting and living dysfunctional lifestyles, it has to be the right kind of movement.

We failed in this field over and over

again for 20 years, so that you don’t have to

No one can be the best engineer, the best doctor and the best lawyer, all at once, not even in an era where Google seems to have all the answers. Knowledge is important but it’s not everything. Wespent over 20 years putting into practice everything we learned so that we can help you achieve your goal in a fast and efficient way. Don’t leave your health to chance. Put it in the hands of professionals and learn how to achieve lasting results.


This chapter is called “the gift of injury”. Miha was 23 years old and a successful athlete when a sports injury changed her life forever. Despite going to the doctor, her lower back injury remained undiagnosed for 5 years. In time, it turned into a nightmare that caused her daily excruciating pain and she was eventually left in a wheelchair. She traveled the world in search of answers but it was all in vain. Each time, she was told that her symptoms were psychosomatic and there is nothing she can do, so she ended up questioning an entire industry. Miha spent years studying every rehabilitation method on the market and got educated in biomechanics principles hoping that she could find a solution to her problem. When no doctor believed in her recovery anymore she make an incredible comeback from an injury that almost crippled her for life. This lead to the development of a new therapy method and fitness methodology that saved her life and is now helping many people around the world recover as well.

The investment in yourself

is the best investment you will ever make

Our fitness concept does not only include training and nutrition. It’s much more than that. We’ve truly covered every important aspect of your life like sleep, mindset, and mental health. We want you to thrive, not just survive. For this reason, we created a unique life coaching concept specifically designed to help you change your mindset and reach your fullest potential in life as a human bein.


Miha is a certified personal trainer and life coach living in Munich, Germany. She worked for many years in the corporate world before she decided to turn her passion for sports into a job. She is providing a wide range of specialized coaching services that have changed many lives so far. Miha is a certified fitness trainer, health coach, medical coach, and nutrition specialist. Thanks to her recovery story, she is considered to be a biomechanics specialist and rehabilitation phenomena in her community. She is the founder of MPower Training Systems, a training system designed to minimize human suffering and maximize human potential in all areas of life. The system includes solutions for improving the mind, the body, and the soul and it brings together elements such as rehabilitation, prevention, performance, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. Miha also created a unique fitness concept that combines sports with rehabilitation and she is now motivated to bring about a change in the health and fitness industry, so that more people can benefit from it.

We make your fitness

journey enjoyable and sustainable

Most people say movement is hard but what if it doesn’t have to be? The reason why so many people feel this way about movement is that they are not moving according to their body’s needs. People’s bodies are different and different problems require different approaches. Once you start moving your body in a way that respects your anatomy and you begin to move efficiently, movement starts feeling enjoyable and your fitness journey becomes sustainable.


We combined the best sports performance principles with the latest research in the field of rehabilitation

Most fitness programs out there are about building muscle and reducing body fat levels but we believe that health and fitness can do more than that. For this reason, we have spent over 10 years researching every rehabilitation and training methodology out there and we have created a unique fitness methodology that combines sports with rehabilitation principles that we believe is the key element to achieve true fitness and health. We’ve built a training program that builds up your physical abilities while fixing your dysfunctions and health problems at the same time. Our training focuses on building more strength, endurance, coordination, balance, speed, agility, stability and mobility, all while reducing pain, improving your posture and reverting aging and degenerative processes at the same time in order to promote long-term health and longevity. As you see, we thought about everything because we truly want you to succeed. Under our guidence no one is a lost cause since we truly believe that fitness is for everyone.



Minimizing human suffering and maximizing human potential in all areas of life


Do you want to get back to a fully healthy life after an injury, pregnancy or surgery? We have the perfect solution for you.


Treat the root cause of your chronic pain and inflammation and get back to a fully active and healthy lifestyle once again.


Are you looking to lose weight, live a healthier life and prevent chronic illnesses in the future? We have the perfect solution for you.


Learn to train and live life in a way that lowers pain and inflammation, keeps your body active, and promotes health and longevity.


Are you an athlete looking to improve his physical performance without sacrificing your health? We have the perfect solution for you.


Learn to train in a way that helps you achieve better performance in your sport while also preventing long-term injuries and set backs.


Are you looking to lose weight, manage a chronic condition or simply learn to eat healthier? We have the perfect solution for you.


Learn how to fuel your body with healthy & nutritious foods instead of struggling with diets that aren’t sustainable in the long term.


Are you dealing with bad posture and chronic pain every day because you have to sit down a lot? We have the perfect solution for you.


Change your habits, find out how you can prevent postural problems, and learn to live healthy and pain-free for the rest of your life.


Do you want to change your mindset, achieve more success and live a more meaningful life? We have the perfect solution for you.


Learn to think like an athlete, connect your mind to your heart, and create a life that feels more authentic to you and your needs.








Other fitness methodologies:

– does not include your posture at all

– is based on the “no pain, no gain” mentality and promotes injuries

– contains a list of randomly selected exercises based on muscle isolation that can lead to mobility restrictions and muscle dysfunctions over time

– trains every aspect of your fitness like strength, mobility and endurance separately, therefore they require a higher time investment on your part

– does not take into account your individual needs, muscle imbalances and body dysfunctions created by your lifestyle

– promote restrictive diets that are not sustainable on the long-term and promote eating disorders and body image issues

– trains your body to look good at the beach for the summer.

Our fitness methodology:

– is centered entirely around your posture

– is based on the “train hard and smart” mentality and prevents injuries

– contains a list of carefully selected functional movements that improve your mobility and fix your muscle dysfunctions at the same time

– trains all fitness elements like strength, mobility and endurance at the same time, therefore it only requires a minimum time investment on your part

– is built entirely around your personal needs, muscle imbalances and body dysfunctions created by your lifestyle

– promotes healthy nutrition as a sustainable lifestyle and actively discourages eating disorders and helps with body image issues

– trains your body to look, move and feel like an athlete for life.

Find out why 99% of our clients

recommend us to their family and friends

Most of our clients are busy executives and corporate professionals with sitting jobs who lack the necessary time to take care of their health. Many of them are chronic patients who were never able to find success with other methods. We are very proud to say that 99% of our clients come now through referrals since every one of them can feel that we are doing something different and they want their dear ones to experience more health and well-being.


“I am a very active person. I eat healthy and work out about 6-7 times a week for one hour. Yet despite the fact that my body looked “fit and healthy” on the outside, I was experiencing chronic pain in my hips, my back, and my jaw for years and no doctor or therapist was ever able to help me. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor recommended medication. After only 2 months, I can honestly say that my hip, back, and jaw pain is gone. I feel that my posture is better and my blood pressure is finally normal. I can’t recommend Miha enough. I honestly believe her new approach to health and fitness has the power to change the world.”

Nathalia Cibirka de Oliveira, Data scientist at Zeiss Group

“I started the collaboration with Miha after a friend of mine recommended her. When I started, my body was in very bad shape. I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease which came together with chronic fatigue syndrome and stopped me from doing my work and taking care of my child. The start was rough but after about 6 months my body started to respond to the fascia training and in about 1 year I was a different person. My immunologist, which is one of the best ones in Munich, couldn’t believe the change I was able to achieve. I succeeded to manage my chronic autoimmune disease thanks to Miha’s fascia training and I will probably continue the collaboration with her for the rest of my life.”

Veronica B., Famous German Fashion Designer

I injured my left knee in a sports competition and because no doctor was able to help with it, it became chronic after a few months. I was left in chronic pain that resulted in weird sounds coming from my knees and I developed knee arthritis eventually. I met Miha after about 3 years of suffering and with her help, I was able to avoid knee replacement surgery and get my life back. After 8 months of working with her, I got back to heavy training again and today I can train again even though many doctors told me that was impossible. Without her personal training sessions, this would have not been possible. Thank you, Miha for your rehabilitation expertise. It has truly changed my life.”

Catalin Udrea, Software Engineer & Professional Athlete

“I came from being a completely sedentary person to becoming a healthy person in a matter of months and I love my new life. Miha helped me fix my posture and my back pain and thanks to her, I lost 20 kg in 6 months. Her experience and knowledge are amazing and her dedication to her clients is really inspiring. Personal training with Miha means a close personal connection with one another and high-quality training and advice. I tried other personal trainers before but no one was like Miha. In fact, I have brought my husband and my grandmother in as well because I truly believe her workouts are special. I can’t tell what it is but she is doing something different.”

Bianca Brisc, Accountant at ALPCOM

“I met Miha back in 2015 when a friend recommended me her services. After 2 babies and 2 C-sections, my body was left pretty weak and I was suffering from back and shoulder pain and chronic asthma. After only a few weeks, I noticed a huge improvement in my posture, my back and shoulder pain was gone and my breathing improved tremendously. I can’t recommend Miha enough. She is so much more than a personal trainer! Miha is an undercover physiotherapist, she is also doing life coaching and I think her personal training service is one of the best in Munich. Her fitness concept is unique on the market at the moment.”

Claudia Olariu, Mother of 2 & housewife

“I started personal training with Miha because I was struggling with neck and shoulder pain coming from my sitting job which despite multiple visits to the doctor, never got resolved. I was also underweight and wanted to increase my weight. I developed lots of self-confidence throughout this journey and I became stronger, both physically and mentally. My shoulder and neck pain is gone completely now and I gained around 5-6 kg all just by changing my lifestyle.  My life has improved tremendously and the service is worth the money. Miha’s knowledge is amazing and she is that helping hand that most people don’t know exists but everybody needs. I highly recommend her personal training.”

Avani Abadauria, DevOps Engineer at NTT Data Germany

“I came to Miha with very bad diastasis recti, bad posture and I also wanted to strengthen my body after birth. Our collaboration lasted about 6 months and I was able to achieve all my goals by the end of it. My recti diastasis is gone thanks to her training and her sessions were the highlight of my week. I used to believe that you can never get back to your old body before pregnancy but I was only partly right since my postpartum body is even better now. Miha is a professional coach, she is very patient and knows how to motivate you. She believed in me and was very thoughtful of my needs and I recommend her with all my heart.”

Alexandra Popa, Customer Service Representative at HP Germany

“I have a sitting job and I am also doing boxing on the side but my boxing training was never able to help me with some things. After only 3 months, my posture was fixed and my back pain was gone. I also lost about 6kg and improved my physical aspect a lot. No one will ever know how thankful I am to Miha for everything she has done for me. Without her, I would have never dared to wear a dress in my life and also feel good in it. I don’t just cherish the training with Miha but also her personality, her teachings, and everything that I learned. What I am today I am thanks to her. Thank you MihaPower! You are such an inspiration for so many women.”

Ceyda Cesur , Store Manager at Lidl München

“When I started I was dealing with bad posture, chronic back pain, and a diagnosed iron deficiency for years. Everything I tried in the past only provided temporary relief, so when I saw Miha’s results I decided to give it a try. Within 2-3 months my back pain was completely gone, my posture was way better and my iron deficiency also got resolved. My energy levels improved, I could feel that I can tolerate stress much better, as a result, and I eventually brought in my husband, my daughter, and another friend as well. I can’t recommend Miha’s services enough. Her workouts are special and her knowledge of the fascia system is fascinating.”

Elena Mihaila, Software Engineer at Wind River

“When I was overweight, I was feeling tired all the time and I was in pain every day, and I knew I needed to do something for my health. I found Miha online and decided to give it a try. In the shortest amount of time, I was able to lose about 12 kg, fix my back and neck pain that I was suffering from for years and I feel my posture has improved a lot. If I can describe this experience in one word that would be “personal”. Miha is not just a fitness trainer but a real personal trainer. She does not give the same advice to everyone. This is an approach completely personalized to your needs that also takes your lifestyle into account. I highly recommend Miha. She has really changed my life.”

Laryssa Fonzo, Managing position at SAP Germany

“I contacted Miha during the Covid pandemic since my weight was not ideal thanks to the lockdowns and I needed to lose some weight. We started by creating a vision board that would help me stay motivated and then we started slowly with the exercises. In a few weeks, I felt motivated enough to build my discipline and I managed to lose about 5kg in 2 months. It’s not too bad considering that my lifestyle as an actress didn’t really allow me to implement any nutrition changes. Since I am constantly traveling for shows around the country I was happy that Miha was able to offer online sessions as well. Overall, I enjoyed the sessions with Miha and I would highly recommend her service.” 

Franziska Wanninger, Actress & Stand-up comedian

“I found Miha on Facebook and decided to give her a call. I was looking for a personal trainer who could come to my home, so I was very pleased when I saw that she also offers home workouts. Within 3 months I was able to lose 6 kg and I also fixed my posture. Even though I didn’t think that would ever be possible I actually enjoyed working out with Miha and she proved to me that the teacher truly makes a difference when it comes to the level of interest a student is showing in a particular subject. If you are looking for a premium, hands-on, highly motivated personal trainer don’t look any further. Miha is one of the best fitness trainers in Munich and she is your person!”

Lavinia Serb, Manager at Amazon Web Services
“My collaboration started during the pandemic. I was dealing for months with nasal congestion and I was relying on a nasal spray to be able to sleep through the night. I was also suffering from food allergies, bad posture and low back pain. I also had a sharp pain in my arm because of the computer mouse. After only a few sessions of medical fitness, all my symptoms were gone and I was able to breathe freely. I felt like a human again. I can’t stress enough how important Miha’s training is for anyone who is looking for more quality of life. I was so happy with the results that I brought my husband as well and we are now both doing training and coaching. What can I say? She is really worth the money!”
Madalina Dragalina, CEO and Co-founder at Relosophy GmbH

“Miha was recommended to me by a friend of mine who was already working with her. I already had another personal trainer for 10 years at that time but my friend spoke so highly of her that I had to give it a try. Indeed, after only a couple of months, I could see why so many of my friends were so fascinated. She is truly doing something different. Her injury recovery story is fascinating and she has helped my entire family manage their chronic conditions better and become healthy again. I highly recommend her service. As a business person myself, I value excellence a lot and I can honestly say that Miha is the definition of excellence in the health and fitness industry.”

Werner H., Famous German actor

“I found Miha’s recovery story online and since I was suffering from a similar problem I decided to start an online collaboration with her. I had suffered from chronic back pain and lumbar instability for 3 years at that point and even though I tried lots of doctors and therapies nothing really helped. After only 16 sessions of fascia training and biohacking with Miha I feel like a new person. I regained my life back thanks to Miha and I will tell this story to everyone I know from now on. I live in France and I was very skeptical at first but the online sessions turned out to be a total success. The world has to know about Miha’s training since it is doing miracles.”

Eva Braun, Business Owner and mother of 2

“I came to Miha thanks to my wife who was already a client. When I started, I was suffering from extreme tension and varicose veins in my calves together with mild lower back pain and a generally bad posture. I was immediately amazed by the results we were able to achieve in just a few sessions. For the first time in my life, I am actually looking forward to doing my exercises since I can feel the benefits. The tension in my calves is gone, my posture has improved tremendously and I simply feel more healthy and full of energy every day, ready to tackle the challenges of life. Miha is an amazing trainer, a rehabilitation phenomenon, and a very skilled life coach. I highly recommend her.”

Raul Dragalina, Business Owner and Co-founder at Relosophy GmbH

“A friend of mine recommended to me to try Miha’s personal training and I decided to give it a try. I was suffering from neck pain and mid back pain for months and since I already went through a spinal surgery before and I definitely didn’t want another one, so I decided to invest in my prevention this time. The collaboration was a big success and my body has never felt better. Her fascia knowledge really changed my life and my health has improved tremendously. My body feels stronger and my neck and back pain is gone. I would highly recommend Miha’s services to anyone who is looking to prevent health problems. It takes work and discipline but the results are well worth it.”

Shubangi Bhadauria, Research Scientist at Siemens

“I started the collaboration with Miha thanks to my girlfriend who was already a client. When I started I was suffering for 17 years from chronic foot, knee, hip, back, and neck problems that no doctor could fix. Despite the fact that I was very active and went to the gym almost daily I was in a lot of pain every day. Within 20 sessions of my collaboration with Miha I could see a huge improvement in the levels of pain I was experiencing and I even told her that after each session I felt 10 years younger. The learnings that I got from this process have been so powerful that I am sure they will guide me on a good path for the rest of my life. Thank you MihaPower Training Systems!”

Antonios Karampourniotis, Project Leader at HARMAN International

“I came with severe scoliosis and chronic craniocervical instability that no doctor was able to fix. I had neurological symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, chronic fatigue, pain caused by nerve compression in the spine, shallow breathing, a general bad posture, and loss of balance that made me unable to walk. Within a few months of our collaboration, I already noticed a huge improvement in the way I was feeling and now, my instability is gone, I can walk again, my scoliosis improved, and I can honestly say that I no longer have any neurological symptoms. This experience has been life-changing, I got my life back thanks to this approach and I will be grateful for the rest of my life.”

Elena Boshkovska, Data Management Specialist at Carl Zeiss

“When I started I was suffering from chronic back and neck pain thanks to the nature of my job which involves a lot of sitting every day. My neck felt stiff while driving and I could feel that my head was shifted forward because of the way I use the computer every day. Within 10 sessions, I could feel a major improvement in my posture, my neck and head felt more balanced, I no longer had stiffness and pain and my entire life has significantly improved thanks to Miha’s methods. I would recommend Miha’s services from all my heart. Her knowledge about the human body can help a lot of people have a better life. Thank you MihaPower Training Systems for your dedication to excellence.”

Laurentiu Mihaila, Service Engineer at Varonis
Fitness for everyone

Despite doing crossfit, I was suffering from chronic low back pain for 3 years before I met Miha. My girlfriend told me about her injury recovery story and she recommended I try working with her online. I decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first since I had such a long history of unsuccessful therapies behind me. We started doing our sessions online and we also implemented some lifestyle changes like a sitting desk and a new mattress. In a very short time, I could notice a big change. My pain levels decreased from 10 to 2 in about 20 sessions and now I can live a normal life again. I highly recommend her rehabilitation services. It is something special indeed.” 

Francois Thevenot, Sales Manager France at Foxit & Crossfit athlete

Test our premium

personal training services in Munich

Our fitness concept does not only include training and nutrition. We’ve truly covered every important aspect of your life like sleep, mindset and mental health to make sure that you thrive as a human being. Our fitness concept also includes a unique success and life coaching concept specifically designed to help you build your internal source of motivation and keep you on the right track with your daily habits.


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The future of healthcare is self-care

Medicine has advanced so much that you barely see a healthy human anymore. We believe that the reason is that the industry is focusing too much on treating symptoms and not enough on fixing the causes that are creating those symptoms to begin with. Treating a symptom is not the same as getting healthy and it is our goal to take the health and fitness industry to the next level and help people understand the power of prevention in their life.


A holistic approach for the mind, body and soul

Humans are fascinating creatures. They don’t just come with unique bodies and different intellectual talents but also with unique natures, that when celebrated, hold great potential for progress and growth in our world. We’ve been told that our body sensations are evil, that our emotions should be repressed, that our thoughts are bad and that our feelings are a sign of weakness. So, most of us fight an invisible war between our hearts and our minds every day. We see the integration of the body, mind and soul into one as the key element to understand true health and well-being in our world. The body is only then our enemy when we do not understand it’s needs, our thoughts only become obsessive when we do not allow them to exist and our emotions only bring chaos into our lives when we don’t allow ourselves to feel them. The mind, the body and the soul are constantly influencing each other and true balance is achieved when we dare to see them in a holistic way. We believe most people on Earth only use half of their capabilities because they are missing to see this connection and we want to help create more whole people in the world who experience the power of these three elements working together as one. We believe everyone on Earth can become a hero, someone who uses their unique power to create good things in the world, and we have taken the challenge to maximize human potential in whatever way we can, to build more real-life heroes on Earth.

Step into your power

and become a real-life hero on Earth

Power is a state of energy, physical and mental health in which you can perform at your best. We believe every person can become a real-life hero on Earth who serves the world with their talents and skills. We want to help you maximize your potential in every area of your life.

Are you ready to build your power?