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Personal training

As a personal trainer in Munich, I am part-coach, part-mentor and sometimes even part-friend and my goal is to bring YOU to your goal in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Our work together will be based on an initial assessment. My approach is specifically tailored to your needs and we will start together at your current level.

I will always consider your health first and the only promise you what I can deliver.


Get in serious shape

Body composition optimisation

Lose the extra weight and tone your body without losing your mind. Optimize your metabolism without restrictive diets.

Learn healthy habits that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle, while also enjoying tasty foods.

Find the pleasure of movement once again and make it permanent by adapting it to your lifestyle.

Creative recipes that fit your lifestyle and a personalized meal plan that fits your schedule.


Take care of yourself

Health & Prevention

Learn how you can take care of yourself and prevent health problems by boosting your immune system. Improve how your body moves through fascial training and enjoy a pain-free life.

Connect with your environment and improve your stability through proprioception and balance training. Correct your posture, stabilize your spine and learn efficient movement patterns in your daily life.

Improve your mobility and get rid of the pains and aches that your sedentary life comes with by making simple but effective lifestyle changes.


Change your mind, change your body

Mind training

Get rid of the effects stress have on your body, by building body and mind resilience for the daily stressors in your life. Learn the difference between excitement and lasting motivation.

Learn to switch between being mentally active and engaged and being relaxed, so that you can live life to the fullest.

Make out of “burnout” and “out of shape” expressions of the past and take ownership of your body’s and mind’s state through life.


Master yourself

Stress & Time management

Learn how to be successful in every area of your life not just at your job. Deal better with stress and learn how to create more space into your schedule for the things that are meaningful to you.

Become creative with your ways so that your body can perform at its best no matter how stressful the time.

Learn relaxation techniques that will give you a much-needed reset during the day and learn how to organize your life so that you always have time for yourself.


Rebuild yourself

Rehabilitation training

Rebuild your mind and retrain your body after being injured, sick or after a surgical intervention.

Get back to an active life without pain and instability after going through the toughness of pregnancy so that you can fully enjoy life with your bigger family.

Get back to sports performance after an injury and never let a block in the road stop you from achieving your goals.


You are what you eat

Nutrition Coaching

Learn what a healthy nutrition means. Lose weigth, build muscle, optimize body fat levels and stay in shape in a healthy way and without losing your mind with restrictive diets.

Nurture your body through challenging periods like pregnancy, surgery recovery periods or even PMS by fueling your body with the right foods.

Get your personalized nutrition plan, enjoy tasty and healthy foods and the best creative recipes tailored specifically to your lifestyle and needs.

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