“Acting with character means doing the right thing even when no one’s watching.”

– MihaPower

We started our company with a deep love for human life and dignity, we wanted to minimize human suffering on Earth, and maximize human potential in all areas of life.

We see health as a fundamental human right and believe it must always come first.

Just like oxygen, physical, mental and emotional health is essential to human life, and we are committed to helping as many people as possible live a healthy and happy life once again.

We always do our best to keep our promises since we believe that all successful relationships are based on trust. We try to be as reliable as possible since we understand that trust once broken can never be gained back.

Trust is the most expensive thing in the world. It takes forever to build and one moment to break. We are grateful for all the people who are choosing to put their bodies into our hands every day and allow us to guide them on this fascinating journey.

We believe respect is earned and we are guided by deep admiration for human authenticity and originality in all our human interactions. Humility is the fundamental element of competence and we believe that if you want to receive respect you must first give respect to someone else.

Respect starts with treating other people the way you want to be treated and we always apply the principles of reciprocity in all our human interactions. We are committed to do everything in our power to earn the respect of our clients.

Innovation is at the heart of progress and courage is the secret element that makes it all possible. We believe that creativity together with a critical mind are the fundamental elements of innovation.

We believe that in order to be truly special you have to be comfortable with being different and we are not afraid to question the status quo and look at problems from different angles. We call this the ability to “bend reality” and it is what defines our identity as a company.

We aim for work ethic instead of professionalism because while professionalism means doing your duty no matter how you feel work ethic means doing work that makes you feel good. We always make sure to align our actions with our values because true success always brings a smile at the end.

We believe that work without ethic is like success without hard work – empty and meaningless. Doing great work starts with doing good and we are committed to dedicate our life to serving humanity with our skills and talents.