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    Clients Voices:

    MihaPower Contact Personal training

    “I destroyed my left knee during years of heavy training and no doctor could help me anymore. Then I met Miha and with her help, I was able to avoid knee replacement surgery and after 8 months of work with her I got back to heavy training again. Without her personal training sessions this would have not been possible. It sounds unbelievable, I know, but it’s true!”

    Catalin - Powerlifter, Professional Athlete
    MihaPower First Contact

    “I came from being a sedentary person to becoming a healthy person again and I love my new life. She helped me fix my posture and thanks to her, I lost 20 kg in 6 months. Her experience and knowledge are great and her dedication to her clients is really inspiring. Personal training with Miha means a close personal connection with one another and high quality training and advice.”

    Bia, Accountant
    MihaPower personal training client testimonial

    “I met Miha back in 2015 and my stress levels were going through the roof at that moment. I used to be sick all the time. She is my “feel-good pill” each time my life gets crazy and her ability to motivate people is amazing. Personal training for me means Miha. She is so much more than just a personal trainer!”

    Michaela, Manager
    MihaPower personal training client testimonial

    I developed lots of self-confidence and I became stronger both physically and mentally. My shoulder and neck pain is gone completely now and I gained around 5-6 kg, which was one of my goals since I was underweight.

    Avani DevOps Software Engineer, NTT Data Germany
    MihaPower personal training success story

    I came to Miha with a very bad diastasis recti, bad posture and I also wanted to lose weight. She is a professional coach and with her help I achieve everything I planned to. Miha is very patient and knows how to motivate you, she believed in me and was very thoughtful of my needs. She made me change my lifestyle for the better and I recommend her with all my heart.

    Alis - Mother and Costumer Service Representative, HP Germany
    MihaPower personal training client testimonial

    No one will ever know how thankful I am to Miha for everything she has done for me. Without her, I would have never dared to wear a dress in my life and also feel good in it. I don’t just cherish the training with Miha but more than that I cherish her personality, her teachings and what I have become today is thanks to her. Thank you MihaPower

    Ceyda Cesur - Fillialmanagerin , Lidl München

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