Credentials from verified institutions are, together with practical experience and extraordinary results, a way to show competence and drive toward excellence. I strongly believe that in order to teach and help you become the best version of yourself I have to learn continuously.

Sports diagnostics and test methods: Body analysis (measurements of body fat, muscle mass, BMI, posture, etc.); Health check (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.); Cardio tests; Strength and mobility tests; Coordination tests; Explosiveness tests

Scientific methods in training:Foundation of Biomechanics; Motor skills in humans (cardio, strength, mobility, explosiveness, coordination);

Professionalism; Communication skills; Responsibility

Motivation skills

Sports education

Methods competency

Flexibility and creativity

Social competency

Special techniques in PT

Fundamentals of sports therapy; Prevention, rehabilitation training and disability sport; Start training after long periods of physical inactivity like surgeries, after pregnancy or after long term illnesses; Personal Training with people with traumatic injuries (bone fractures, ligaments, tendons, muscles and other soft tissue injuries)

Training with chronic orthopaedic conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and other degenerative conditions and after joint replacement surgeries; Training with people with chronic pain (spine, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, elbows, etc.)

Fundamentals of a healthy nutrition:• Macro & Micronutrients; Determining the energy need;Determining calorie consumption; The digestion system; Nutrition methods and trends; Illnesses caused by unhealthy nutrition; Food allergies and intolerances; Scientific facts and statistics; Creating an individualized nutrition plan

Nutrition for sports performance: • Macro & micronutrients in sports; Nutrition in different sports disciplines (runners, fighters, team sports, strength sports, etc.); Food supplements; Special nutrition methods in sports; Creating a nutrition plan for an athlete



Anatomy of fascia, The role of fascia in posture, pain and the development of modern chronic illnesses, Fascial stretching, Proprioception training, Rebound elasticity, Myofascial release


Tensegrity – the new human biomechanics model, Training methods and their applicability into practice, Involvement of fascia in professional sports and lifestyle, Scientific research on the fascia.


“I’ve failed over and over again in this field for over 20 years so that you don’t have to.”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Knowledge is important, but it is not enough. I took the time, practiced what I learned and experimented on my own body all the theory that I learned. Over the years, the practice complemented my theoretical knowledge, so that I can help you achieve your goals fast and efficiently.