“Fitness is an image, health is a feeling.”

– MihaPower

The fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world at the moment. Everywhere we look we are presented with images of abs and defined muscles as the ultimate definition of health. However, we believe that fitness in it’s current form is just an image and that if you want to achieve a healthy body too you must understand that fitness is about physical capability and what you can do with your body rather than how your body looks in the mirror.

We strongly believe that most fitness programs out there are built for people who are young and healthy and who want to look good but unfortunately the reality is that most people who want and need to get healthy and fit are people who are not healthy and fit. If you only want to get a beach body for the summer a 3 months diet and some weights is enough to give you that. However, if you are someone interested in building long-lasting health and turn it into a lifestyle more is needed.

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“The majority of people who want to get healthy and fit are people who are not healthy and fit and that changes everything.”


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Many clients start their fitness journeys feeling enthusiastic about establishing healthier habits only to quit after a few weeks thinking that fitness is not for them. They either find it too hard to perform the movements in the workout or they find it too hard to continue with the restrictive diets that they are required to follow. On top of that, the majority of people are normal people who are usually overweight, they sit long hours and are dealing with bad posture and chronic pain every day.

Unfortunately, not many fitness programs are equipped to help such people, many even making their symptoms worse. We believe that the reason why fitness feels so hard for most people is because it is not adapted to their needs and it does not take into account people’s individual health problems and lifestyles. Every person has different muscle imbalances and postural dysfunctions, different chronic health problems and different shapes and sizes, so that a different and more personalized approach is often needed to achieve real health.

“A holistic approach to health and fitness starts with understanding the connection between mind, body and soul.”

– MihaPower

We have made it our goal to speak to a different group of people. Those who need it the most. For this reason, we have implemented rehabilitation principles into our workouts and nutrition therapy principles into our nutrition programs. We understand how unhealthy habits are formed and most importantly, how to create new ones and we’ve built solutions to help you build a different lifestyle. Furthermore, we have even included psychological principles into our coaching programs to make sure you succeed.

We are taking the health and fitness industry to the next level by taking into account every aspect of your life that is keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle and stops you from moving forward. We’ve even built solutions to problems that you don’t even know you have since our unique recovery story gave us a first-hand insight into every problem that people encounter on this journey.

“Health might not be everything in life but without health everything else means nothing.”

– MihaPower

We want to put health” back into the “fitness industry” since the main priority should have always been health. The physical aspect always comes as a side-effect if you are consistent with the lifestyle changes but the real challenge is to make people stay consistent and this is our primary focus here at MPower Training Systems. We are proud to say that our best clients are also the ones who need this service the most and we are committed to transform the entire health and fitness industry one day, so that it resembles the true needs of people.

We are determined to help people realize that their health is not something that can be taken for granted since without health everything else becomes worthless in life. Health is the number one element that makes all good things possible in life and that is why, it must always come first. Health is not a given right but a gift and we are hoping that more people will choose in the future to invest in prevention rather than pay the price for not doing so.

Medicine is the most noble profession of all but teaching people how not to need it is even better.

– MihaPower