Our generation is the first generation of people that will spend their entire life sitting on a chair to earn a living.

In the past, many people used to move their bodies a lot more than now. Our grandparents were required to do physical labor every single day. Working in agriculture, mining, constructions, cooking, cleaning are only a few of the industries where many jobs have been replaced by machines today.

We live in a world where lots of people are sitting long periods of time every day and this is only going to become even worse in the next years. Many doctors agree that lack of movement is making us sick and that sitting is the new smoking but many times people develop even more pains and problems if they do exercises that do not take into account their postures and lifestyles.

The posture makes the difference between getting old and feeling old.

The older we get the more muscle imbalances we develop and muscle imbalances cause movement asymmetries in the body which are the real cause of chronic pain in the body. Therefore, we believe that just movement isn’t enough anymore. It has to be the right kind of movement.

That is why, we dream of a world where people start to understand the importance of prevention and actively start doing something to take care of their bodies. Therefore, it is our goal to educate people on the importance of posture and its influence on our overall health.

Bad posture can be responsible for all sorts of symptoms like chronic back pain, neck stiffness and even jaw pain and human well-being has become unimaginable without the posture.

Chronic disease starts with our genes but is enabled by our lifestyle.

Why is the posture the central piece of our work?

Because we believe that the posture is involved in every important physiological process in the body and it is responsible for the development of many chronic problems that turn into severe health conditions later on in life.

While the genetic component is important in everyone, we believe that 50% of the problem is contituted by lifestyle and posture training can help with that. We created the first universal fascia program in the world, a program that we believe has the power to fix every postural problem present in people and we dream about a day when every single person on Earth will walk around with perfect posture.

Posture is the most underrated thing in the health and fitness industry.

We want to unlock the true potential of the human body one day and to be able to prove what is the influence of fascia dysfunction and postural deformities in the formation of chronic inflammation in the body which is the real cause of chronic disease. We want humanity to experience a quality life here on Earth and we believe that the posture one of the answers.

We want a world without chronic pain and disease for everyone on the planet. We might never achieve that but we have made it our goal at least to reduce the numbers. We will spend our life trying to change the way we understand the human body and the concept of disease but most importantly, the concept of good health.

“Good posture makes the difference between surviving and thriving as a human being.”

– MihaPower