“Fit is a feeling not a size”

As a bodybuilding and body fitness competitor, three times IFBB national champion, ex-fitness model and later on, as an amateur kickboxer and powerlifter, Miha has 15 years of vast experience in the field of professional sports.

In 2018 she made an amazing comeback from a spinal injury that almost crippled her for life. When no doctor gave her a chance anymore, she proved them all wrong by teaching herself physiotherapy at home and developing her own rehabilitation program which helped her recover. She is now training and enjoying a healthy lifestyle again. In her own words, “Movement is in everything you do in life and without it, I felt dead on the inside. Life just didn’t make sense anymore without the ability to move”!

By following clear core values in her life and by serving as a role model herself, she spreads the word on the importance of movement and was already able to motivate numerous people to start living a healthy and active life.

The name MihaPower is formed from “Miha”- her name and “Power” which for her it symbolizes strength. Since her injury, the word “strength” has gained a totally new dimension for her. She says strength is the state of your body in which it can perform at it’s best and when it is the healthiest. It is a state of balance, energy, physical and mental strength. With this idea in mind and with her acquired knowledge and experience in sports and rehabilitation, she walks a journey of changing people’s lives for the better and helping them become strong(er) versions of themselves.

She is committed to living a healthy and active life for the rest of her life and her biggest dream is to inspire and help as many people as possible to do the same.



Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

MihaPower personal trainer münchen, MihaPower personal trainer munich

“I destroyed my left knee during years of heavy training and no doctor could help me anymore. Then I met Miha and with her help, I was able to avoid knee replacement surgery and get back to heavy training again. It sounds unbelievable, I know, but it’s true!”

Catalin - Powerlifter
MihaPower personal trainer münchen, MihaPower personal trainer munich

“I came from being a sedentary person to becoming a healthy person again and I love my new life. She helped me fix my posture and thanks to her, I lost 14 kg in 6 months. Her experience and knowledge are great and her dedication to her clients is really inspiring.”

Bia - Accountant
MihaPower personal trainer münchen, MihaPower personal trainer munich

“I met Miha back in 2015 and my stress levels were going through the roof at that moment. I used to be sick all the time. She is my “feel-good pill” each time my life gets crazy and her ability to motivate people is amazing. She is so much more than just a personal trainer!”

Michaela - Manager

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