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What’s Wrong With Most Strength Training Programs?

April 28th, 2018|

I meet new people every day and as soon as people hear that I am an ex IFBB bodybuilding competitor and a Strength Coach, people start asking for my opinion about certain Fitness Guru's and different strength training programs out there. As soon as I tell them that I don't [...]

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The Importance Of Sleep And The Link To Performance

April 26th, 2018|

Have you ever thought about the importance of sleep in your life and how lack of sleep affects you? I'm pretty sure this article will make you raise your eyebrow, especially because it's coming from an athlete and the sports industry is all about grinding and NO EXCUSES. Everywhere you [...]

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Bia`s weight loss transformation journey

April 15th, 2018|

I would like you to meet Bia – my first PowerGirl! Two months ago, Bia decided she has had enough as she realized that her life choices weren’t very healthy up to that point and decided to change her life and she came to me asking me to help her [...]

10 Ways To Stop Your Sugar Cravings

March 16th, 2018|

Why do we crave sugar?   Almost all of us have heard at least once that sugar is bad for us and we all know what it's negative consequences are. We all know it is the number one cause of being overweight and we all know it has been associated [...]

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