Are you a happy client who wants his loved ones to benefit from our service too? Are you someone who is looking for a gift for a dear one or did you simply hear about us from someone and you are curious to find out more? Then this voucher is for you! We offer a 2 hour first session where we look into every aspect of your health and try to identify your needs and personalize solutions for you to start improving your life immediately.

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greatest gift of all – health and quality of life

Physical, mental and emotional well-being are just like oxygen, essential to human life. Help your loved ones become the best versions of themselves in mind, body and soul and experience more health, happiness and quality of life with our premium personal training service in Munich.


1. Identification of problems and needs (1 HOUR)


– Basic health analysis (assessment of blood test results, current health state, blood pressure and breathing process to determine your current health levels)

– Gate analysis and running analysis to determine your movement imbalances, your body’s functionality and individual training needs

– Scanning body fat levels (taking measurements, calipometer measurements and weight assessment to determine your BMI)

– Posture analysis (a 3D analysis of your body by assessing muscle imbalances, fascia dysfunctions and overall spine and joint functionality)

– Basic fitness tests (performing strength, mobility and endurance tests to determine what are the fitness areas that you could improve)

– Lifestyle assessments (assessing your sleep habits, nutrition habits and your sitting habits in order to help you prevent health problems in the future)

2. Optimization of health and fitness levels (1 HOUR)


– Personalized holistic health rehabilitation solutions on how to improve your general health state immediately and add more value to your life

– Personalized solutions for improving your gate cycle, tips on how to run pain-free and ultimately optimize the way you move through life

– Personalized dietary and lifestyle changes to help you better manage your weight and improve your metabolism

– Quick personalized exercises and lifestyle recommendations on how to correct your posture and help you manage your pain and discomfort naturally

– Quick personalized tips on how to improve your basic fitness levels in strength, endurance and mobility that will help you move and feel better every day

– Personalized lifestyle recommendations that cover your sleeping habits and sitting ergonomics to ensure that you stay fit and healthy in the future as well.

See for yourself why we

have a 99% client recommendation rate

We’ve created a unique approach to personal health and fitness by combining rehabilitation and sports performance principles to help you create the best version of yourself in mind, body and soul. We are proud to report that every person who tries our service recommends us to their family and friends since they can feel that we are doing something different than the rest of the industry.


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Personal training is the highest expression of personal care there is.

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