MihaPower personal training success stories transformation

– 6 months/twice per week, 1 hour sessions

– only 2-3 kg weight loss, but visibly more muscle tone

– fixed posture, lower back pain is gone

– gluteus muscle much improved which lead to reduction in back pain

At MihaPower Training Systems we do not only support women to be themselves and show their best sides but we actually build them up to be healthy, strong and confident women ready to take over the world!

Ceyda’s result after 6 months of training with me!

MihaPower personal training body transformation
MihaPower personal training self confidence success

Her wish was to feel better in her body again, increase self-confidence, improve posture, reduce her lower back pain caused by her job and help her lose a bit of weight while building her booty.

Building the booty is more often than not very much connected to people’s lower back pain, so the gluteus is the central training focus in her case.

This is her result after 6 months of training.

Her pain is completely gone, her posture is improving day by day, she reports huge improvements in her sleep, mood and the way she is feeling, I think I don’t even need to mention the difference in her booty as it should be super visible from the picture and most importantly, her self-confidence has increased so much so that she now dares to wear short sleeves t-shirts and she will soon enjoy a day at a beach without feeling uncomfortable in her own body.

When I first met her, she had never in her life went to the beach and she was wearing only long-sleeves tops AT ANY WEATHER FOR 12 YEARS.

This is one of my biggest results as a Personal Coach.

Fitness does not only change your body. It changes your mind, the way you think, the way you feel, it helps you be healthy and it opens up so many new possibilities.

Her life continues to change day by day and I love witnessing this change next to her!

I am a blessed coach!

Thank you for your trust, my sweet girl!

There is nothing that makes me prouder in my job than knowing that so many amazing people TRUST me with their bodies, health and lives.

Ceyda is now part of the Power Team Community – the greatest community of strong people that the world has ever seen. It might sound like a cliche but you see, a few years ago when I decided to become a Coach I only wanted one thing.


MihaPower personal training session with prowler
MihaPower personal training self confidence success

What the word Power means is different for each person depending on the developmental stage that each person is at.

For Ceyda, her Power stands in finding her self-confidence again… for others maybe is a little of that old “though love” that we all hate but need sometimes… “Power” is a mindset! Is daring to believe that your life can be different and then taking action to make it true.

Power is striving to grow and become a better version of yourself… but not so that you are better than everybody else but to be able to teach and lead others to do the same thing, so that one day, the entire world changes and gets better.

My biggest dream is to create a world of Superheroes, who understand the power of having a self-care routine like they understand breathing and people who lead an empowered life and contribute to a better world by empowering others as well.

Because I do not like to fit in, I thought about creating my own world… a world of “PowerPeople” and it all starts right here with you, my dear Ceyda! You are my HERO, PowerGirl!

Dream big and work hard and you’ll be able to achieve anything in life!

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